Aneta Wnek


by dragging the pictures

Whilst I love to draw the portraits of the characters I meet –  being a little cheeky by nature, I occasionally like to turn the tables on my sitters. From children to elders, artists to nervous doodlers, I invite them if timing allows, to have a go at drawing me – and the results you'll discover above, delight me to no end! Interestingly, I feel like each one of these, despite being SO different, each capture something uniquely of me, and as a collective not only serve as a reminder of our experience together, but capture a little of me.

Aneta by Tanya Gawthorne
Aneta by Roni Mamani (7)
Aneta by Philippe Raemdonck
Aneta by Renae Coles
Aneta by Michael Jaworski
Aneta by Jorge Dorado
Aneta by Jean Mangharam
Aneta by Javier Cotrado (13) - son of th
Aneta by Henri Rose (6yo)
Aneta by Isis Dorado
Aneta by Alit from the Suryami Institute
Aneta by Vince Fantauzzo (artist)
Aneta by Gustavo Lopez Moreno - artist
Aneta by Grace (7)
Aneta by Fiona Walkley
Aneta by Jenna Downings
Aneta by Fleur Henson
Aneta by Christian Alber, DK
Aneta by Evelyn from USA (8) - Ha Long B
Aneta by Damon
Aneta by Costa
Aneta by Angela Pownell
Aneta by Trisha of Jakarta Post
Aneta by  Sue-San
Aneta by by Georgia (9)

a little more about me

Born in Poland, I immigrated with my family to Australia at the age of eight.

Torn between my passion for both Art and Science in school, I decided to follow the creative path after being introduced to Graphic Design through work experience.

Since graduating Curtin University of Technology with a BA in Design, I have worked for myself as well as in numerous advertising agencies and boutique design studios in the roles of Art Director and Senior Graphic Designer.

Whilst pursuing my career in Advertising and Design, working with various and often exciting briefs, I have never lost the need to also create for myself, to be my own client, seeking out time to experiment and to express myself ... perhaps learn something along the way.

I love my 'work' - but it is about finding the best possible creative solution for my clients needs and satisfying 'the brief'. This is ultimately a very different process to that of creating purely for oneself.  

Wearing the Artist's hat, I’m not directly trying to please anyone. And whilst it is obviously about the art, I try to remind myself it is also, perhaps in even a greater way, about that 'journey'. 

Lifelines is one such project.